m&M Rice krispie treats with pretzels


These M&M rice krispie treats are sweet, chewy and so easy to make. Loaded with some extra’s like chocolate M&M’s, brown butter, pretzels and salt.


ingredients: -Butter -Marshmallows -Vanilla -Salt -Rice Krispie's -M&M's -Pretzels

STEP ONE: Brown  the butter in a medium saucepan. 

STEP two: Stir in marshmallows, vanilla & salt. Continue to stir until all melted together. 

STEP three: Stir in rice krispies and pretzel pieces. 

STEP four: Allow to cool slightly, then fold in M&M's. 

STEP five: Lightly press rice krispie treats into pan with wax paper.

STEP six: top with extra pieces of pretzels, M&M's & salt flakes.

Cut & Enjoy!

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