strawberry cinnamon rolls


Strawberry cinnamon rolls are a pillowy soft sweet dough filled with a homemade strawberry jam and topped with a strawberry lemon buttercream frosting.


ingredients: -Butter -Sugar -Eggs -Milk -Yeast -Vanilla -Salt -Flour  -Strawberries -Lemon -Cornstarch

STEP ONE: Make an extra thick strawberry jam and allow it to cool completely.

STEP two: Pour warm milk, sugar and yeast into a bowl and allow yeast to get bubbly and active.

STEP three: once bubbly, add eggs and butter and mix.

STEP four: add flour a little at a time while mixing until the dough begins to pull away from the bowl.

STEP five: Let the dough rise until doubled in size. Roll into a rectangle.

STEP six: Spread strawberry jam along the rolled out dough. Roll up tightly into a log. 

STEP seven: cut dough into 12 pieces. Place in a pan and allow to rise once more for 30ish min.

STEP eight: bake cinnamon rolls and make strawberry lemon buttercream.

frost cooled rolls  and enjoy!

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