Coffee Rolls


These coffee rolls are a soft coffee flavored roll with a buttery, brown sugar, coffee powder and cinnamon filling, and topped with a perfect coffee buttercream frosting.


STEP ONE: activate yeast with warm water and sugar. 

STEP two: Add in butter, eggs, salt, espresso powder and flour. Mix until combined and then let rise til doubled.

STEP three: roll dough into a rectangle, spread with butter and then brown sugar, espresso powder and cinnamon.

STEP four: roll dough into a log, slice into 12 and place on a greased baking pan to rise again.

STEP five: Bake rolls at 375 for about 14 minutes or until golden.

STEP six: mix together butter, vanilla, espresso powder, powdered sugar and cream until smooth.

STEP seven: once rolls have cooled, frost with coffee buttercream.

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