Brownie Blondies


These brownie blondies are a chewy and fudgy chocolate brownie marbled with a blonde brownie. The perfect combination of vanilla and chocolate.


ingredients: -Butter -Sugar -Brown Sugar -Eggs -Vanilla -Baking Powder -Salt -Flour  -Cocoa Powder -Chocolate Chips

STEP ONE: make brownie batter- Melt butter & chocolate together.

STEP two: Whisk in dry ingredients and fold in chocolate chips.

STEP three: make blondie batter- Start by melting butter. 

STEP four: Mix in dry ingredients.

STEP five: Scoop brownie batter and place throughout pan.

STEP six: Scoop blondie batter and fill in the gaps.

STEP seven: Bake at 350 for 27-30 minutes. Cool and ENJOY!!

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